Alp Sevimlisoy

EXCLUSIVE: Putin’s Faltering War In Ukraine Has Exposed Russia’s Limitations, Says Expert

An expert has warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s faltering war in Ukraine shows the Kremlin’s limited capabilities.

What Happened: Ukraine can win the war over Russia if supplied with enough ammunition by the Western allies, Alp Sevimlisoy, an internationally published geopolitical strategist and a fellow at the American think tank Atlantic Council, told Benzinga in an exclusive chat.

“The war is currently at a point of showing the limitations of Russia’s capabilities. Ukraine has now become a military-capable and tactically successful nation that is able to defeat Russian forces when supplied with appropriate hardware,” Sevimlisoy said in response to a question on the direction the war is heading.

The comments from Sevimlisoy come at a time when the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces said Putin’s army was suffering heavy losses as they tried to take Soledar and several Ukrainian supply lines.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy also mocked Putin’s ally and Wagner group head for falsely claiming to have captured Soledar. Zelenskyy dubbed him a “propagandist” and said the “fighting continues.”

Meanwhile, Sevimlisoy also believes that “NATO is absolutely prepared to continue to contain Russia.”

“By only spending a small portion of the cumulative defense budgets of member nations, notably that of the United States, we [NATO] have been able to effectively diminish both the military capabilities of the Russian Armed Forces as well as its sphere of influence,” Sevimlisoy said.

Alp Sevimlisoy originally featured as per: Benzinga