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Putin Will ‘Lose His Life’ If He Loses The War: Why Palantir Chief Says War Not Likely To End In Ukraine

Ukraine is using Palantir Technologies Inc (NYSE: PLTR) software effectively in the war with Russia, but CEO Alex Karp believes Russian President Vladamir Putin won’t stop with Ukraine.

“It’s very hard to know what’s going to happen, but you have an adversary who is zero-sum,” Karp said Tuesday in an interview at the World Economic Forum aired on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

What To Know: As Russia continues to push forward in the Donbas region in east Ukraine, Karp is warning that the Russian president isn’t going to stop.

“If Putin goes home and says ‘hey, we lost,’ he will lose his life,” Karp said.

“I don’t think the war is likely to end in Ukraine.”

The Palantir CEO told CNBC that Putin will continue pushing forward even though Ukraine has shown that it can win the war using Palantir technology combined with heroism.

If the West allows Putin to continue pushing forward, violating the sovereignty of Ukraine, it will set a horrible precedent, he said: “So we can’t allow that to happen.”

Why It Matters: Karp previously suggested the war could end if Putin fails, but it doesn’t look like a failure, however, Putin’s reign could be coming to a close via removal by the Russian government.

Over the weekend, Geopolitical strategist Alp Sevimlisoy told Benzinga that coups are forming within the government aimed at removing Putin from power.

Putin’s successor “would have to pick between a desire to atone for their actions and seek re-entry into the community of nations or to move further into an isolated position globally,” Sevimlisoy said.

What’s Next: Karp told CNBC that Palantir’s business is stronger than it’s ever been and suggested the strength could continue based on his warning of what’s to come.

“We are the world’s best, in my view, at building software before people need the software,” Karp said.

Alp Sevimlisoy originally featured as per: MSN